Monday, August 12, 2019

PCJB Explaining Minecraft

This blocky game is rated as one of the most played games around the world! It is a game that is educational because it enhances creativity, problem-solving, self-direction, collaboration, and other life skills. In the classroom, Minecraft complements reading, writing, math, and even history learnings. This game has a loop from where it begins to where it ends and back again. Everything in the game is connected like a chain.

Each game mode that you use is different. It also represents what kind of gamer you are. For example, Creative mode allows you to have every single block in Minecraft. All the blocks show up in your inventory. This means that you like to be in control over your world and build a lot. Survival mode however, is the opposite. You have nothing in your inventory to start with until you get mining and you like to play the game properly to get achievements and coins to get different things in the store.

There are different bosses in the game that takes a long time to come in contact with, that includes entering different dimensions with portals. To spawn a Wither, you need four soul sand in a “T” shape and three wither skulls that you can find in the Nether. Put the skulls on top and wait for the wither to charge and destroy. A Wither is a skeleton-type boss with three heads. It shoots wither skulls that explode and gives you the wither effect when you get too close so be careful! The wither effect makes your hearts turn black while it takes them away. It lasts for 10-15 seconds.

The Ender Dragon. This creature can’t be spawned but found in The End (The End portal can be found in dungeons using Eye of ender’s). This beast shoots purple fireballs and dragons breath along with an incredible dive that does a decent amount of damage. Take out the end crystals to stop it from healing. When killed, the Ender Dragon lays an egg and then an animation for its death goes right above you then explodes and drops 3-10 levels worth of XP.

There are quite a few different tools that do different things to help you out. Use the right tool for the right reason or the durability will drain faster and you might not get the block you want! (The durability is the green bar at the bottom of your Hot-bar) Here is a few of them, Pickaxe: Allows you to mine ores and get cobblestone from caves. Hoe: Allows you to make farms for crops near water. Don’t jump on the farm or it will turn to dirt again. Axe: Let’s you mine tree logs a lot faster.

The main idea of this game is to survive and do whatever you want (although defeating those bosses sounds like fun!). I like to do both, creative and survival (even though you don’t get achievements for adding cheats on), how about you?

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

PCJB A-Z Alphabet Brainstorm: Keep Your Cats Inside

WALT: Find quality words that start with a letter in the alphabet.
My reflection: It was most likely easy because of the keyboard shortcut "ctrl+F". I made some of the letters blank because there were no words in the text beginning with those letters so sadly, I didn't finish the whole thing like I wanted to.

Friday, July 26, 2019

PCJB Alphabet A-Z Brainstorm

WALT: find words in stories from A-Z.
It was both easy and hard because I really wanted to complete the whole thing but the story had no X or Z. I had fun making this since I plan my words first for some reason.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

PCJB Rounding and Compensating; close to 100 - Follow up Activity

WALT: Round and Compensate Close to 100 using number lines and without number lines.
It was kind of hard to compensate after I rounded because I forgot to undo what I had done.

PCJB On the Trail of a Taniwha - Vocab

WALT: Expand our knowledge in vocab and explain what words mean in our own words. This was pretty easy to do considering I had the book with me to do this. My favourite word was Extinct.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

PCJB Speech: Teaching is an Easy Job but I Disagree

Teaching “isn’t” an easy job. Why? I'll tell you!

Because sometimes it gets overwhelming. In fact, it gets so overwhelming you just want to scream your so frustrated. Less sleep can cause horrible things like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, just to name a few. So be sure to get the sleep your body deserves.

What happens
There is way too much work to be done in such little time and no, you don’t get as much sleep as you really think so your body slowly tires. Probably because some kids don’t listen or do their homework so their poor teacher has extra work. And plus, you can’t spend as much time with your family as you hoped. Hey! Family matters but so does education. Family time shrinks incredibly fast so make the most of it! And even though happiness is a great reward, a day off or two is probably a better one. Even though kids get their education they need and pass on, forgetting things becomes a problem.

The bad side
You worry about the little things more often than the important ones. You also spend more than you receive for stationary, books and plenty more where that came from. The more your teacher teaches you the less he/she can teach you and following on the same subject, it takes longer to learn new things that you think so if your teacher is out of ideas, it can take longer to learn more to teach. That might be the end of my bad side of the speech but my good side however...

The good side
Pupils live their lives happily and you get huge rates of happy smiles and even better, you can also become a favorite! Also, you get goodies. YUM! Children learn quicker with teachers around and you get paid for it at the same time. You share your knowledge with students and they share theirs. More books are even made because of teachers! You can also get awards from teaching depending on how well you teach.

Teaching facts
Teachers aren't just gossiping on the teacher's lounge, during an average school day, teachers are spending almost 5 hours on instruction in class and providing tutoring or extra academic support and approximately 36 minutes on student supervision and discipline. Since 2009, Scholastic and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been publishing Primary Sources. It is a survey taken by thousands of American teachers on issues central to public education in the country today.

Some tips
It is easier to teach when you convince your students that it is magical or something great is going to happen if you do this and that. It helps children to use their imaginations more often. Little kids like to be amazed by how magical the world is and that encourages them to write bigger stories, make cooler things and even pretend they are super. It is also easier to teach when you pretend something bad is going to happen. For example, children like to eat their shirts. To prevent that, (and a teacher at my school told children this) say ”if you chew your shirt, it will make bubbles inside your tummy and you will float away”. Some kids believe it but it’s a great way to stop kids from chewing their shirts when their parents just brought it.

Do you want to become a teacher? If you're a teacher, high five yourself for a good job because you survived the costs for teaching and my speech. Thank you for listening.

PCJB Gills Terrible Travel

On May 22 2019, an Australian mountaineer, Gillian Lee “tried” to climb Everest, his 4th attempt. He thought that using an oxygen tank was cheating, so Gillian bravely ditched it. Gill saw the human traffic jam on the easier route so he took the steep Tibet route on the north side of the mountain.

At a height of 7600m, Gill started to cough constantly. It wasn’t long before he had purple lips and passed out. His sherpas quickly recognized the problem and descended down the mountain. Further down the treacherous slope, they reached his tent. The sherpas put Gill in a sleeping bag with lots of hot water bottles. They tied the sleeping bag to Gillian Lee and made a sled. Part way down they met a group of Chinese rope fixers who helped them. As the went on, the soft snow disappeared and rocky terrain was waiting for them. But the Yak Man was nearby to help get Gill across.

It was a painful ride on the yak. They finally reached Base Camp where a helicopter took him to a nearby hospital. When his mother found out, she was furious. She told Gill that he was selfish by putting others in danger. His mother was a lot angrier than sad and worried.

-By Paige